Download page!

Here I put downloads to things in my collection, like drama CDs, games, software, and DVDs, if they cannot be found online elsewhere.
I will NOT be supplying downloads to book-based media because I am unable to scan my collection. I would like to get into scanlations someday, however.

I submit my vocaloid music collection to MikuDB if I see a broken link. If you have found a broken link on their site and the album is in my collection, send me an e-mail at mojyojojo♥ Note that I cannot provide scans.
As for my touhou music collection, it should all be in the TLMC torrent along with scans too, so I will not be supplying those myself.

If I did not upload something, it's probably because it's currently available online through the author (eg: my touhou grand prix DVDs) or because its doujin media that can be purchased to support the artist even to this day. I believe in supporting artists first. These files are for ARCHIVAL PURPOSES ONLY.
All DLs will include a INFO.txt file from me with some instructions and a blurb about what it is, with links to the author's website and current works. (I can't call it a README since these files may already have one)
Please enjoy!


Links will be updated when I have a day off, so please wait warmly.