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on this page I'll link to my older art, from 2015 to 2019, just for fun. i love seeing the evolution of peoples' work throughout the years, so i thought it would be cool to show my art from a long time ago!
of course, these pages do not include all of my digital drawings, i selected a VERY SMALL amount to save space, only my favourites or ones that i've uploaded in the past. neocities won't have enough space if i uploaded all of my drawings...
i got my first (and only) drawing tablet for my birthday in 2014, and i think i started drawing as a hobby in 2012/2013.

I've posted this one on /jp/ once or twice before, I thought it was very clever!
A lovely Luka and her big tuna for her 10th.
I really like playing the first Seihou game, but haven't explored the others.
I've always though Vivit had a cute design. I like maid girls.
Looking back on this one, I remembered working hard on the line-art, nowadays I don't care about neat drawings at all!
I've always really loved this piece.
I worked hard on the hair but I wish I made Miku's face and body more interesting looking, her pose is so lame.
I drew a Kokone one night until very late! Kokone is one of my favourite vocaloids, but I do not hear her often enough.
One day I'd like to buy her. Her voice would be perfect for trance music imo.
Once again, quite proud of the clothing shadows!
A Patche I drew shortly after school finished for the year, yay summer vacation!
I love the clothing shadows I was able to pull-off here, I have a lot of trouble with those.
Yes, drawing Satori's third eye was a huge pain! But I worked hard.
Doing the gradients on it was fun. Tbh, I wish this drawing became more gory.
A soft Christmas Miku! This one received a lot of likes on Twitter.
I used SAI for this, not AzPainter2
I'm very proud of this one because of Rion's complex design!
This one also got a bit popular on Twitter, because Piapro posted it since I uploaded it there too.
My big drawing for Miku's 10th birthday! I worked very very hard on it!!!
This was AzPainter2 only, quite proud of the detailed colours here.
I upload this one because someone on a big Vocaloid Discord turned it into a gif image
I think the style here is reminiscent of what I draw nowadays.
Ruri-chan!! I swear I drew this in September the day before school started, but the file date says otherwise.
This one was reposted to tumblr and got a fair number of notes!
This was the first time something I posted online got attention, so I was shocked ^^;
I'm posting this one because I really like it!
Back in the day, I liked to draw without lines like this.
And dots, lots and lots of dots.
(This was before I had the texture tools of AzPainter2, so I made them manually)
Also posting this one because it's カッコイイ!!
I think it's great that I could use poses and facial expressions to depict different personalities like this.
I really want to re-create this drawing actually, because I think it's cool too!!
I love all of the AHS Vocaloids~
I drew this one not long after ONE was announced, I was really impressed by her
The first drawing I uploaded online, to Piapro.
I drew this with the intent of being my first drawing on Piapro, so I kept it simple and cute.