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name: mojyo314
location: hakugyokurou
likes: vocaloid, utau, touhou, drawing, moe things, programming, figures, lolita, video games, doujin music, cosplay
welcome to my other corner of the internet, my art blog.
i thought it would be cleaner to seperate my main blog, where I talk about my general anime/figure/game collections, and my art.
also, this gives me a way to practice HTML and CSS.

i want to update often but the rest of my life revolves around computer science and math (btw i hate webdev), so it's hard to find the time and energy to draw sometimes.
starting in 2021, however, I want to give a lot of attention to my creative hobbies, and finally produce all of the animations, comics, drawings etc. that have been floating in my mind for years!!
i hope i can pull through and make myself proud :3