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name: mojyo314
location: hakugyokurou
likes: vocaloid, utau, touhou, drawing, moe things, infosec, programming, figures, lolita/otome fashion, math (kinda), video games, doujin music, cosplay, cars
welcome to my newest corner of the internet, my neocities site.
my last corner was my livedoor site, but i will migrate the posts from there to here. in the past, i had a blogger site, a different neocities, and a twitter.
i came back to neocities because i missed coding my own website. livedoor is a great platform but there was also no convenient way to post my art on the site.

in the beginning, the main purpose of my websites was to share information and images of my doujin music collection. now i think the main purpose is to share my art, but i do love posting about the various things in my collection.


site updates:

12/05/22: archive page is completed now. i just wrote the JLPT so now i can dedicate spare time to working on the website instead of studying japanese, yay lol