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it's been a while since i drew miku! i uploaded this on piapro, but it seems that they removed the embed function for illustrations, so i re-uploaded it here because i liked it. from now on, i won't be posting on both websites though.
a collection of ipad doodles from january until now, usually done while studying. i think my favourite one is the girl sitting down facing forward, idk why.
there's a lot i can say about drawing on the ipad, but i'll keep it simple and just say i love it, might buy procreate cuz its just dang cheap :P
also wanted to add, thank you to all the followers and viewers of this blog!! and I'm sorry I don't update as much as I should. this semester is very busy with very interesting classes, so that's my priority right now (^_^)/)
from now, i'll try to set proper goals so i can enjoy my hobbies throughout the school year, even with my part-time jobs too.
nothing special, except i did this with nothing but a mouse!
first doodle of 2021 yay!! I am sooo busy with school and work, so i'm happy i could do this today
haven't been drawing very much lately, so i tried to draw something that i liked ^_^
finished this up while doing 1000 other things on my computer at the same time, i can't focus at all :P
finished this one after ditching the first sketch a while ago.
my first drawing with my ipad! (on ibis paint X)

looking back to five minutes ago after finishing, this is pretty edgy

stress doodle #29083

stress doodle(美味しい!)

chainsaw moessacre!
just some girl.